There are eight universities in the Ivy League: Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton, and University of Pennsylvania, each with their own offerings and specialties, yet all considered to be some of the world’s best institutions.

These prestigious Ivy League colleges, or schools, have produced a countless number of tech geniuses, fortune 500 CEOs and young startup founders. While the process can be extremely difficult, once admitted the rewards are plentiful, exposing you to a world of opportunity you may never have imagined existed.  At the end of the day, that one word – opportunity – sums up the Ivy League difference.

As an Ivy League student, you gain access to an elite network of alumni, a higher starting salary, a feeding system into global companies, and an edge on all other graduates purely because you have an Ivy League name on your CV.

Across The Horizon helps students get into top US, UK, Canada, and Australian Universities and beyond. It's no simple task - in order to even be considered for admission, every aspect of your application needs to be near perfect as the smallest error may mean the next candidate takes your spot.

We understand that everyone is different, and helps every student reach their own potential through bespoke service offerings. If you'd like one of our Academic Advisors to personally assess your candidacy to the Ivy League schools, you can apply for a free one-on-one consultation today!

How to Get Started

The first step to getting started on your journey to studying at an Ivy League University with the Assistance of Across The Horizon is meeting with a member of our US-Based Ivy League Admissions and Mentoring Team.

This meeting can take place in-person at one of our global offices or via an arranged means. We also can complete this meeting via phone, email, or video call.  You will need to request an interview by completing the form below. 

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