Why study in Ukraine?

By Funmilayo Ogunsanwo on 29-Jul-2020


If you are a student and you desire to study abroad, Ukraine should be one of the countries you should consider because you get the opportunity to work and study at the same time. There are countries abroad that do not allow their students to work, so you must consider this fact if you wish to study in a foreign country, especially if you need to work to fund your education.

Ukrainian Universities are ranked high. Plenty of the Universities in Ukraine are of a high standard with large structures, and they have highly qualified teachers. Most of their courses are recognized around the globe. They also offer you a  practical setting for you to actualize what you’ve been taught in class

Ukraine is a great option for you if you intend to study medicine at a very cheap price. They offer quality medical education at a very reasonable price compared to other European countries. You also have the opportunity to work as you study. The country has more international students studying medicine and their educational system is acceptable all over the world. 

International students get a chance at permanent Residency & settlement in Ukraine after the completion of their program. The standard of living is also very reasonable and no admission or proficiency tests are required. 

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