While Waiting For Your Admission Decision; What Next?

By Funmilayo Ogunsanwo on 25-Jun-2020


After sending off your college application, you begin to have a sense of anxiety thinking of what the decision from the school may be. If you had also applied for a scholarship, you would be wondering if you were offered one or not. After application, the decision letter by the admission committee might take some time before it's sent to you, it takes about a month or two for a decision letter to be sent.

While you wait, it’s advisable you don’t overthink. You should be positive and find confidence in your efforts, because you solely have the capacity to reflect on the actions and choices that you make. Once you press the “send” button, remember that your job is done, and the rest is left to fate and a little bit of luck as well. All you need to get you through those moments is a little faith.

It is advisable to not put all your eggs in one basket. While you try out school A, you should also try out school B, this is important so as if A doesn’t work out B definitely would. As you wait for a decision, you should begin to weigh your options also and make plans for both schools in case one doesn’t work, you have the other to fall back on. Also, you make in-depth research about the schools you’ve applied to in terms of scholarships, accommodation, safety and so on to see the school with the best offer

Also, a distracted mind in this situation is advisable. Avoid checking your mails all the time. If you Applied to study abroad and you currently have no job, you could pick up a skill or volunteer to work for any company of your choice to acquire practical experience. Stick to your schedule and get busy.

Above all, remember that these few months are a series of events, a manifestation of a major milestone in your life: finally going off to study abroad, getting a degree, and carving out a path for yourself. At the end of the day, looking back, this whole college admission experience may be nothing but a sum of the parts that make us whole.

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Congratulations!! on completing the first stage of the study abroad process.



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