Tips On Merging Work And Study Abroad

By Funmilayo Ogunsanwo on 10-Jul-2020


Working abroad is a great opportunity to gain skillful experience while you study. Although, trying to balance the two might be a little difficult especially if you have to do so much, but you need to let your priority come first and try to work around both. In this article, we have decided to give you 4 tips on how to balance your work and study life abroad.

1. Set your priority straight

Remember why you decided to go study abroad and make your education come first.  

You should have a schedule table to plan your activities and create time for yourself. You have to also keep yourself and everyone around informed, you have to let your boss know when work is clashing with classes, this will help you avoid work taking priority over your classes. Also, University staff are aware that many students have jobs and financial commitments, so if you find yourself struggling to meet deadlines due to work getting in the way, seek advice from your student centre and try to negotiate a solution.

2. Be proactive 

It is advisable you stick to your schedule table but it is smart you plan ahead of time too because of unexpected circumstances. This helps you to still keep your balance. You shouldn’t leave things till the last minutes, do your assignments and work activities immediately you’re given and read ahead of exams too. You should avoid procrastination cause it could pull you backwards.

3. Learn how to Manage stress

Stress is sometimes part of any daily activity, you would be expected to go through stress but if you are able to single out your priority, and plan your life then you can surely manage stress. You could try out activities that can help you reduce stress and provide benefits for both your physical and mental health, you have to discover what works for you. Ability to manage your stress level is important for staying focused, centred and productive, and will ultimately allow you to work to your best ability.

4  Focus on your goals and set boundaries 

Always keep in mind why you chose to work while studying, and stay focused on that goal. Also, If people ask you to do something that will get in the way of you completing a task for work or an assessment for school and it’s not very important, say no. It’s one of the simplest ways you can maintain balance in your work and study life. You can’t do everything, and therefore you should set boundaries for what’s realistic.

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