How To Prepare For The GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

By Funmilayo Ogunsanwo on 08-Jul-2020


The GRE is an admission test and a requirement for masters and postgraduate applicants. This exam is essential as it helps the school understand your strength and weakness. It also shows to the school how intelligently you can write and conduct a comprehensive research. 

Many at times, students complain about this exam because for some, no matter how hard they read, they still end up flopping. The GRE requires you to showcase your level of intelligence and analytical thinking. You have to read smartly and prepare yourself adequately for this test. The test is paper and computer-based but only the computer-based exam is available in Nigeria. With the current situation in the world, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) has made writing the test easier as you can now write it in the comfort of your home, under the supervision of a ProctorU

It is advisable you register for the Exam 3 months ahead, to give you enough time to study and prepare. You could decide to sign up at an educational center to prepare or you could download files online and videos on YouTube to guide you. you can log on to the ETS website   to register for the exam and get practice materials to guide you, there are also study guides on the site, to help you narrow your reading and understand where your questions might be coming from.

There are also various educational websites which are centered solely to prepare students for admission tests, you can visit KAPLAN , MANHATTAN and MAGOOSH to sign up and you get daily tips and PDF files to prepare you ahead of your exam date. These websites also give you the opportunity to take a Free practice test online to test how prepared you are. It is usually timed like the GRE and sets questions exactly the way you would come across questions in the actual tests.

It is important you discipline yourself and take out at least 3 hours daily to practice. You need to discover your weakness and begin to work on it, interact with people who have taken the exam and ask necessary questions before taking the test. You would be paying a lot for the test and you cannot afford to fail, the acceptable scores are usually from 300 and above. The test is scored over 340 and you should not score below 300. Scores below 300 are considered as bad scores as most schools wouldn’t accept it and you might not be eligible for some scholarships.

It’s advisable you download YouTube videos by GRE tutors and be conversant with vocabularies, at least learn 20 words daily and use it in your daily conversation with people. On the day of your exam, it’s reasonable to be at your exam center at least one hour to the test time and make sure you follow instructions on documents you need to show the invigilator. Note that you cannot write the GRE without your International passport, you need to get that first before applying to take the test.

Do not panic, the test might be complex but with adequate preparation, you could emerge with a good score. A great GRE score accompanied with great grades in your Transcript puts you at an edge over others, it makes it easier for you to be noticed by the admission committee.

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Good luck with your preparation for the GRE



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