How To Prepare For A Study Abroad Admission Interview

By Funmilayo Ogunsanwo on 30-Jun-2020


Interviews are a big part of the admission process, after selling your uniqueness to the admission committee, some schools still require an interview with you. This is the last opportunity you have to tell the school how granting you admission will be a great addition to the school.

Admission interviews differ based on the school. Some schools do not require it at all, these interviews are mostly required by the Ivy-league schools especially if the course you applied for is a very competitive one. You have to be very composed and prepared, no one can say exactly what sort of questions you would be asked. 

Most times, students are usually tensed but it’s advisable that you are calm and see this as a rare conversation with a friend. You have to be honest and make sure whatever answers you would be giving to questions are not against what you have in your statement of purpose. The Hack to this interview is making sure you’re familiar with every detail from your statement of purpose because this is a guide to asking questions.

Furthermore, you must be familiar with the course you’re about to study, must have at least little knowledge about what the course entails, and must be able to answer questions on how the course would help in building yourself a career. It is very important you make research on possible interview questions, you should visit platforms online where people who have done this interview are, they could guide you. Make Google your friend.

Also, you should practice with a friend and be prepared to answer questions intelligently. When you’re relaxed, it makes you more comfortable to express yourself. Always remember to be honest and dress appropriately, you have to be comfortable in your outfit. It is very important that you know much about the school and be timely.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience and it is worth every stress you might go through. For more information on the study abroad process, pick up a consultancy form with us, and our US, Canada, and Nigerian-based consultants will be in touch



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