English Proficiency Exams; Are They Necessary For Study Abroad?

By Funmilayo Ogunsanwo on 23-Jun-2020


As an international student wanting to study abroad, there are some requirements you would need to meet to be considered for an admission. Many times, students have asked the necessity of an English proficiency exam for Nigerians who wants to study abroad, looking at the fact that we speak English officially.

English proficiency exams are tests taken to prove your ability to write and comprehend perfectly in English language without stress. The acceptable English proficiency test are; IELTSTOEFL, and The University of Cambridge ESOL Examination. These tests can be taken either as computer-based or paper-based. The higher degree you pursue the higher the score required.

The tests put you at an edge over others, it’s possible to get an admission without the test but you might not be eligible for some scholarships. Some high valued scholarships require these tests with high scores to consider you for a scholarship or admission. Also you cannot apply to some prestigious schools without these tests (high score) except you apply for a waiver with a very good excuse. 

More so, having these test with an high score is very necessary to get a Visa, the consulate officer might ask you for it and might look shady if you do not have an English proficiency test especially when you’ve been granted admission to a reputable school. This might lead to a visa denial.

Also, for students who are opportune to stay back for a reason or the other, you need this test to secure a job. Your employer needs to know you won’t be having language issues especially comprehension issues. It is advisable you write these test, it doesn’t matter if you need it or not. To be at a safer side, you could write it except your country is being exempted from taking the test or you request for a waiver.

Remember utmost preparation is very important in the journey to study abroad. To hasten and make your study abroad process smooth, pick up a consultancy form with us and our US, Nigerian and Canada-based consultant will get in touch with you.



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