CSR; Across The Horizon Makes Study Abroad Easier!

By Funmilayo Ogunsanwo on 15-Oct-2020


As a means of giving back to the society, Across the Horizon has provided prospective students with opportunities to aid their study abroad journey. These have been done by the various scholarships given out through the social media pages.

Scholarships were awarded to 2 Undergraduate students in August 2020 and we are presently giving out a $500 worth of scholarship to a student with admission abroad. We will continue to do these as our means of contributing to the educational development of the country.

After consistent research, we were able to narrow down the needs of students and we decided to develop a platform called Scholarship Africa where students can easily log on to for opportunities within and outside Africa. You could get a scholarship to study abroad or in your home country. The opportunities are not limited to just studying. You can also acquire scholarships to learn a skill, WAEC/GCE funding are also available for eligible students. You could also get monetary values to fund your research. This platform will be launched on the 29th of October 2020 at Ibadan and you can also join us online to access the opportunities firsthand.

We further worked on an App called Pay4me with the aim of helping individuals and organizations with international transactions. You do not need to worry about the CBN transaction policy as you can send as much money as you want. This app makes it easier for students to pay their tuition, SEVIS fee, Application fee, Stipends, and whatsoever. Other study abroad firms are also encouraged to use this app to make work less stressful.

We still have more to offer the society as we never stop our research on how to contribute towards the educational development of Africans as a whole and our main aim is towards educational advancement and to support the fourth goal of the sustainable development goals. We look forward to working with other foundations and giving out more opportunities to the youths.