6 Proven Ways To Improve Your Learning Ability

By Funmilayo Ogunsanwo on 29-Jun-2020


To enhance your career path as a student, you need to be open to challenges, learning new things, and be inspired. You could provide sound learning wisdom for yourself every day if you allow these tenets to guide you to the unification of goals for better learning in and beyond the classroom.

1. Embrace Mistakes

At some point, learners are bound to make mistakes, depending on where you find yourself personally and academically, it may seem like the end of the world to you. Every student has the right to learn from errors, and to know that mistakes don't define us; what we learn from them does. Be sure to embrace useful failure in all you do.

2. Ask Questions 

There’s a popular saying that a person who asks for directions never misses his road, wherever you find yourself, make it a habit to ask questions when you do not understand. lifelong learning is fostered by the willingness to ask essential and meaningful questions. Deep questioning leads to exceptional thinking when answers lead to more questions and more in-depth inquiry. Asking questions helps to put you through and aids understanding.

3. Be open-minded 

Always be open-minded and never restrict your mind, be ready to learn from people, and accommodate everyone’s opinions. Learners always use their head and heart in equal measure and keep both wide open to new discoveries and experiences. Be open to transformation, It comes through the process of learning, unlearning, and learning all over again.

4. Value Teamwork 

One of the hallmarks of modern learning is the ability to collaborate with real and virtual partners. Many hands make work light and more enjoyable work as well. Collaborating Fluency is a way to foster lifelong learning skills through stellar teamwork. Make it part of your daily practices to find ways to explore group work

5. Stay Curious

The day we stop being curious is the day we stop learning. Life will present us with choices as to how we react to occurrences and situations that shape that journey. Students are on a path of learning that continues well beyond the classroom walls. A healthy and positive curiosity mindset is the greatest gift a student can have to continue a life journey.

6. Support Others

Part of maintaining a safe learning environment is to be supportive of your peers by teaching them when you can. This helps to further remember that which you’ve learnt as well. In a classroom of diverse and unique individuals, everyone will both triumph and struggle at some point. However, remember you are all there to learn. Foster lifelong learning by supporting each other in tough times and make that journey more rewarding.

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