4 Scholarship Application Tips For Nigerian Students

By Funmilayo Ogunsanwo on 01-Jun-2020


In applying for a scholarship to study abroad, it is of utmost importance to show to the scholarship committee that you’re who they are looking for so as to boost your scholarship application. Getting a scholarship is very important to study abroad, it helps to make fees more affordable for students. 

1. Before applying to any school, it is important you check out the scholarships available for Nigerian students and apply for those scholarships. Make sure to look out for the requirements and make sure you meet all requirements before applying. Also, gather all your documents required and begin to apply as soon as possible.

2. Get people you have the confidence in to help write outstanding recommendation letters for you. This letter gives more description about you and your academic ability. It is advisable to get people that you’re very familiar with and are also efficient in writing, their ability to pass a message is important. You could get a recommendation letter from your boss at work, a lecturer or a teacher and so on.

3. Do not overlook scholarships because of the low values attached, apply for as many as possible. Do not shy away from scholarship applications that require essays and standardized tests, be ready to challenge yourself. Never be discouraged if you’ve applied for so many scholarships and didn’t get any, instead keep applying and notice the mistakes you made in your former application and make corrections.

4. It is very important to put deadlines in mind and submit your application early enough for review. Also, avoid mistakes and take your time in applying for a scholarship. You could also engage the help of professionals to guide you in the application process.

For more information on scholarships for Nigerian students, read articles on available scholarships on our blog. Reach out to us for guidance on your study abroad scholarship application and one of our US, Canada, and Nigeria based Study Abroad consultants will get in touch.


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