4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Abroad

By Across The Horizon on 12-Nov-2019


NAFSA, the leading organization committed to international education and exchange…, researchers have measured the impact of study abroad and other international learning experiences have found that they have a positive impact on academic, educational, and professional outcome measures.

Looking for an excuse or convincing reason to study abroad? Here are four reasons why you should consider studying abroad. These reasons will also make for a compelling argument to convince your parents or guardians to help you with studying abroad.

  • World Class Education: Many of the world’s oldest and best universities are in Europe and North America. Young people who study abroad in Europe and North America have access to hands-on education, with plenty of internship and scholarship opportunities as a result of the large alumni network and endowments available to institutions located on these continents. Also, studying abroad looks good on a resume, job applications, and graduate school applications.


  • Speedy Career Advancement: Studying aboard increases your chances of getting a better job after graduation. You will gain new skills and cultural understanding that will put you ahead of your peers. Some students even end up getting a well-paying entry-level job with an employer who is ready to sponsor them for an immigrant visa. Furthermore, Imagine all the opportunities that await back in your native country after you after returning with a foreign degree, living and working experience.


  • Coveted Language Skills: Proficiency in a second language is becoming an incredible asset in this time and age. Studying aboard can help you learn and perfect a second language. Speaking two or more languages is a highly sought-after skill by many organizations with offices across the globe, especially if they are looking to fill a highly competitive or sensitive position. When you study abroad, you will be constantly faced with situations that will require you to understand the local language. There is no better way of becoming fluent in a second language than a total immersion that interning abroad provides.


  • Lifelong Global Network: Your study abroad experience will provide you with the opportunity to meet new people. Face to face contact is invaluable in developing connections for both personal and career advancement. Oftentimes, these new friendships and connections result in a lifelong network of friends and business or career contacts.


Excited about all the many opportunities that studying abroad brings but wondering how to get started?

You can start by identifying what country you’d be interested in, what schools offer courses in your areas of interest, their admission requirements, and what scholarship opportunities are available.

You can also complete our study abroad consultation form if you need professional help figuring out what study abroad opportunities are best for you and how to find and apply to these opportunities.